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What Namdharis have done for Sikhism

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji and his Kuka (Namdhari) Sikhs have done an inumerable things to help and guide the Sikh panth. If it had not been for Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji's efforts during a crticle time in Sikh history, the Sikh panth would not be as strong as it is today. Here are just a few of many things that Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji did in their effort to keep the Sikh panth strong and pure.
-After Maharaj Ranjit Singh's death in 18--, many "Sikhs" abandoned their religion and started working for the British (since India was under British Rule at the time). Satguru Ram Singh Ji was determined to reverse this trend and during a - year period between 18-- to 18--Satguru Ram Singh Ji converted 700,000 people to Sikhs.
-After the death of Maharaj Ranjit Singh, so many people forgot about the Sikh panth and Guru Nanak Dev Ji's principles that beads (Granth Sahib) were locked up in cupboards and dharmsalas were transformed from places of worship to places were goats and other animals where tied up in. These images hurt Satguru Ram Singh Ji. Such a great man was he that he took out the beads and cleaned them with the turban that he wore on his head. Satguru Ram Singh Ji cleaned up these dharmsalas and told people to read the Granth Sahib, the true bani.
-Satguru Ram Singh Ji strongly believed in equality for women. In 18--, in the village of Shiar, Dist. Ludhiana, Satguru Ram Singh Ji became the first person in history to give amrit to women.
Satguru Ram Singh Ji pressured the government to pass the Anand Marriage Act so that Sikhs could get married using the Granth Sahib. Prior to this, Sikhs had to get married by the triditional Hindu way. Even Guru Govind Singh JI was married by pandits. This was a big step for Sikhs because it showed that Sikhism was a distinct religion from Hinduism.